Antique Key

Painting of old key

Antique Key Painting Technology: Acrylic paints Canvas paint brushes and seafoam sponges Project scope In the process of making this painting, I was testing of new methods to make unique backgrounds with sponges and brushes. I added in the key,

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Acrylic Sunset Painting

Acrylic sunset painting

Autumn Sunset Acrylic Watercolour Painting & Layout Technology: Acrylic Watercolours Paint Brushes Canvas Project Scope I started this painting not really knowing what I had in mind. I really enjoy painting landscapes, and this turned into an autumn sunset

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Autumn – Acrylic painting

Acrylic autumn painting

Autumn Acrylic Painting Technology: Canvas Acrylic Paints Assorted Paint Brushes and Seafoam Sponges Project Scope This painting had originally started out as ocean scene, with a large wave, however, I really wasn’t loving it, so I painted over it, not

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Watercolour Flowers

watercolour flowers

Watercolour Flowers Painting Technology: 4×4 aqua boards Watercolour paints Watercolour pencils Paint brushes Project scope This is a painting I did a few years ago. I enjoy painting florals, and I thought painting a set of unique flowers would create

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